Perceptive Love

The man in line at the grocery store. The child waiting at the bus stop. The gentleman sitting on the curb with holes in his shoes and the scruffy beard. What do they all have in common?

Your attention.

What you do next can alter the course of their day. Move with the Holy Spirit. Be perceptive to more than just what’s going on with you. In this moment, you can change a life. What will you do?

Beloved, you never really know what a person is dealing with, nor the significant hell they face. Sure, a smile covers it. The gentleman on the curb looks away from you in shame as he is too accustomed to judgmental glares. It’s impossible to see the weight of a heavy heart with your natural eyes.

You will never be able to gauge the sting in a wounded soul by your senses…

Quick & Dirty!

There will NEVER be a moment in your life where you encounter Jesus and He leaves you the way He found you! It’s just not His way.

You need proof? Ok:

  1. Adulterous couple (not sure why we leave the guy out…)
  2. Young man in the graveyard.
  3. The lady with the expensive perfume.
  4. Zacchias, the short guy.
  5. Every single disciple.
  6. The vats of wine (Was Jesus a wedding crasher?)
  7. Jairus & his little girl.
  8. The fig tree.
  9. Bartimaeus
  10. The man at the Beautiful gate…

You get the idea.

No matter where you are in you walk, run, sprint, or marathon in God, He will always challenge you and He will always change you (or give you growth moments)!

Be encouraged, young grasshopper!

Pray for Orlando

I’ve been many places. I have literally crisscrossed this country in the last 2 years an there is NO other place quite like the City Beautiful. No place. Visit and you’ll understand. Live there and you’ll know.

50 families’ lives have been altered forever because of this heinous act of violence.

50 PEOPLE died. Many of them with varied backgrounds, and most assuredly possessing amazing skills, gifts and talents. But they are and were people nonetheless. No matter the color, orientation, skill set, gift or social status; they, every single person, belongs to God.

Let LOVE…no, let YOUR LOVE do its job.
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Open Your Mouth!

People of God, there is no victory where praise is absent! Split the ear of the enemy with your ROAR of praise! Our adversary cannot handle the sounds of authentic, pure worship from the hearts of Believers.

It stresses him out and sends him into spastic fits of rage. Notice the heat? He can’t seem to figure out how you continue to bless and praise God with all hell you’ve endured. The more he tries to do, the MORE you lean on, trust in and praise God!

David declares this in Psalms 33:

“Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous: for praise is comely for the upright.”

No devil in Hell can withstand the rushing river of worship. Ever. Within you lies the power to wreak havoc in the kingdom of darkness through your personal praise. Confound and confuse him with worship! He’s allergic you know, and upset that we’ve taken his job!

Consider this: “When they began singing and praising, the Lordset ambushes against the sons of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah; so they were struck down [in defeat]. 23 For the sons of Ammon and Moab [suspecting betrayal] rose up against the inhabitants of Mount Seir, completely destroying them; and when they had finished with the inhabitants of Seir, they helped to destroy one another.” (2 Chronicles 20). 

My advise to you is that you send Judah, the singing warrior, first!

Offer Them Hope

My answer to all the inbox questions on Gay Marriage:

Forget what DOMA & US Supreme Court are trying to do.
The concept of gay marriage is the acid that is eating away at the fabric of what God Himself has sanctioned and ordained.
Never in the history of life has so much foolishness & debauchery been prevalent. This current age in which we live makes Sodom & Gomorrah look like a day at Universal Studios.

Homosexuality is just as wrong now as it was in Genesis 19 (the mere fact you lust after angelic beings is all the proof you need, read it). The Bible, the book upon which this phenomenal country was founded, is STILL right.
It goes against the order of God. It cannot fulfill Gen 1:28, it propagates inordinate affection and strengthens the trap of sin.

Here you go: Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Romans 1:26-28 for starters.

God will always be madly in love with sinners whether gay or straight. He will not, however, tolerate sin. There is hope in His love, there is power to change for all those who call on the name of Jesus!

The gay man is no more bound than a crack head. A lesbian is no less bound than one who continues to over eat (c’mon here…).
It is not enough for us to have an opinion if we are unwilling to offer them the same hope in JESUS we currently enjoy!

We’re BACK!!

It has certainly been a long time but stay tuned, the Princess is in the building! Oh, and keep an eye out for the new book, Pocket Full of Diamonds! It’s sure to be a blessing!



I Love You

My Beloved,

My Child, I see your tears. You must know that My very heart is for you. From eternity past until this day, all I have created and all I have allowed to be has been for your benefit.

My Son and I are touched with the feelings of your infirmity; the heat of each trial, for sometimes they do come from Me, as I have recommended you before all Heaven. All the tears you cry are caught and bottled. I AM loving you in the fire. I AM with you in the times testing and pruning. Our adversary has lied to you: I will never leave you, Princess. How could I? Have I not promised to be with you until the end of the age?

You are My heart! I love you so much until your name is imprinted and tattooed on the palms of My hand. I AM directing good thoughts towards you. They will secure your welfare, keep you safe and calm. I AM providing My best for you.

Although there are things you have yet to understand, know that My love for you will hold you close when you fret, comfort you in the midst of your worst circumstance. My Love for you Beloved, has always been better than life. I love you Dear One. Rest in the peace My love ushers to your soul.



The Return of the Princess

Princesses & Queens!

I’ve been away for some time. I am back…with a vengeance! Stay tuned; my crown is polished and my scepter is shining. We are ready to rule, to declare and to decree. Are you with me, my fellow Princesses? Let us impact and advance the Kingdom together!

It’s time to get the Kingdom Citizens in order. 


You Ain’t In Control!

You Ain’t In Control!.

I AM Here

My Chosen–

Daughter, You know way back in the corner of your spirit that I have not forgotten…

That portion of yourself that is reserved for Me witnesses to the fact: I AM here…always here. To you it may seem like I AM not paying you, your situations or your issues any attention, but nothing could be further from the truth. Princess, You’ve heard Me say that I have known (past tense) every one of your days. I AM ushering you through times you have yet to live. I’ve numbered them right up to the time you come home to Me. I AM Shammah; the God Who Will Always Be Present. Always.

Countless times have I carried you, held you close and comforted you. Now, during this time and season of intensity in your life, why do you feel its any different? Am I not unchanging? Am I not the very same steadfast and unmovable God you have trusted and relied on for your very life? You know Me. I’ve shown you My ways and You have been intimate with My Glory. Trust Me, Young One!

I AM orchestrating Your every step and by My watch you, My Beloved, will arrive at My purpose for your life and predestined places at the appointed time. Please know that not one little thing in your life, good or bad, finds Me unaware…

Today, make it your business to rest in Me. I AM providing time and space for you to breathe and exhale in Me. Exercise My peace in your life. Know that there is NOBODY bigger, larger and more in control more than I AM.


The Steadfast One

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